In my day, groups like The Impressions could inspire you to reach for the highest heights.

Keep on Pushin’ was indeed one of the most soulfully inspirational songs I’ve ever heard. Even all these years later it’s still fresh and new; still makes you want to snap your fingers, move your feet…and get up and do something.

Enjoy…and keep on pushin’.

Keep On Pushing
The Impressions
Keep On Pushing lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
Keep on pushing
I’ve got to keep on pushing (mmm-hmm)
I can’t stop now
Move up a little higher
Some way, somehow
‘Cause I’ve got my strength
And it don’t make sense
Not to keep on pushin’
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Keep on pushin’
Verse 2:
Now maybe some day
I’ll reach that higher goal
I know that I can make it
With just a little bit of soul
‘Cause I’ve got my strength
And it don’t make sense
Not to keep on pushin’
Verse 3:
Now look-a look (look-a look)
A-look-a yonder
What’s that I see
A great big stone wall
Stands there ahead of me
But I’ve got my pride
And I’ll move on aside
And keep on pushin’
[repeat chorus]
Coda [repeat to fade]:
Keep on pushin’


This video originally published at this link – https:// /watch?v=HU-mEsCk3D8



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