7-Year Old's Comic Book Wins BIG!!!



For all you aspiring writers out there, let it be known by this young girl's accomplishment that ANYONE who puts their mind to it can make their writing dreams come true.

That's right, young Natalie McGriff, a precocious 7-year old with a writing gift, has created her own Afro-Puff Superhero. Her comic book, called The Adventures of Moxie Girl, is all about a black girl whose curly hair has magical powers. The word is that her comic beat out 530 entries at a huge crowdfunding festival in Jacksonville Florida. She won more than $16,000!

There are numerous articles out there that celebrate young Natalie's win. To get you started, read about Natalie and the crowdfunding festival--called OneSpark--on the following links.

The Adventures of Moxie Girl - https://onespark.com/festival/2015/projects/natalie-mcgriff

Afro-Puff Super Hero Wins Big - http://tinyurl.com/k9s9tfw

Beautiful News: 7-Year Old Wins $16,000 - http://tinyurl.com/m7g8ypv

Thanks for the inspiration, Natalie.

Stay brilliant!
Rita Lorraine


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