Mo’s Bows is Doing Fine!



Remember this clever young man from Season 5 of Shark Tank? That’s right, this is young Moziah Bridges, the brain behind a new fashion line called Mo’s Bows.

18-Year Old Passes the Bar in the UK!


Gabrielle Turnquest

When we think of young attorneys, we usually think of someone in their mid- or late twenties who is just preparing to take on the world. Not so this time! In fact according to The University of Law’s records, “the average age of a typical lawyer graduating from The University of Law’s Bar Professional Training Course is 27.” Until now.

Meet 18-year old Gabrielle Turnquest of Windermere, Florida, a brilliant teen who just made history by becoming the youngest person to ever pass the bar in the UK. But this wasn’t her first huge achievement. According to a Huffington Post article dated August 2, 2013 she “was also the youngest to graduate with a degree from Liberty University in Virginia at the age of 16.”

Our young genius plans to practice law in the Bahamas, where her parents are from, and pursue a career in fashion law.

Read the Huffington Post article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/02/gabrielle-turnquest-florida-teen-youngest-bar-exam-uk_n_3696998.html

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Teen Creates Anti-Human Trafficking App!!



This is Mikey Martell, a 13-year old from Sugarland, Texas whose Anti-Human Trafficking app is creating a buzz.

Said to have been writing html codes since 5th grade, Mikey and a team of coders “came up with an award-winning app to combat human trafficking: Sex Trafficking Operations Prevention (STOP).”

For the complete article, click on this link:


Thanks for your contribution Mikey.

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Teen Invents “The Sleepover Bed Tent”



Meet Sean Gilmore, 13-year old inventor of the Sleepover Bed Tent. Sean identified a problem that many kids have; they love inviting their friends for sleepovers but often do not have an extra bed for the friend to sleep in.

Sean came up with a clever solution: He invented a fun and convenient bed that can be carried to the sleepover in a bag!

I could write more about Sean and his invention, but I think it would be more fun for readers to visit his website and get to know him for themselves. Here’s the link:

SleepoverBedTent.com – http://www.sleepoverbedtent.com/home.html

Here’s the link to his purchase page – http://www.sleepoverbedtent.com/buy-now.html

In the meantime, here’s a video with Sean actually explaining how he came up with his brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing, Sean. You’re an inspiration.

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8-Year Old Genius Speaks 8 Languages!!


Little Miss Mabou Loiseau is an 8-year old child prodigy who appeared on Katie Couric’s television show on July 10, 2014. You’ll have to watch the video to get a sense of just how smart this little girl is.

When Katie Couric asks her how she got so smart, she answers, “I was born that way.”


Mabou speaks English, but according to an article on BeanSoupTimes.com, she can also “fluently read, write and speak French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Haitian Creole, Japanese, and she even knows sign language.” Be sure to check out the link (below) to BeanSoupTimes.com’s article outlines the genius of little Mabou.

Mabou also plays eight instruments: the piano, violin, guitar, harp, clarinet, conga, drums and the flute.

Thanks for sharing your talent with us Mabou. We’re proud of you.

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