A Beach Tail



Even a very careful boy can manage to get himself lost, and that’s exactly what happens to little Gregory in this big, brilliantly-illustrated picture book called A Beach Tail, by Karen Lyn Williams.

In the story, Gregory is enjoying a day at the beach with his dad. As the water swish-swooshes and the sand spreads out before him, Gregory’s inner-artist comes out. He draws a lion in the sand, christens him “Sandy,” and proceeds to draw Sandy a nice, long tail any lion would be proud of.

“Don’t go in the water,” his dad instructs him, “and don’t leave Sandy.” Gregory listens and obeys. He doesn’t go near the water or take his eyes off of Sandy’s tail. But since that tail is getting longer and longer as Gregory scribbles in the sand, he still manages to become separated from his father.

Gregory is worried, but only for a moment. He immediately uses his memory to find the landmarks he passed as he traced Sandy’s tail, and before he knows it–well, I’ll let you read it to find out what happens next.

This is a sweet and quiet book about the budding creativity of an artistic toddler, the evolution of a young child’s memory, and the bond between a father and son. It would make a great Father’s Day gift, or a wonderful addition to the personal library of any self-respecting, beach-loving toddler. It would also be great in a church, preschool or kindergarten setting, or as a lap book to help a child unwind at bedtime.

For a sweet picture book with beautiful illustrations to match, pick up a copy of A Beach Tail.

Best wishes and happy beaches,
Rita Lorraine

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