Daddies Do it Different



Mommies and Daddies are as different as day and night, and author Alan Lawrence Sitomer captures those differences in his adorable new picture book, Daddies Do it Different.

In Daddies Do it Different, a curly-headed little MC gives a bubbly account of how different her daily routines can be, depending on which parent is supervising at the time. When Mommy dresses her, she’s neat, clean and matching from head to toe. But when Daddy does it, her colors are loud and pushy and her head just might pop through her shirt sleeve if she’s not careful.

A shopping trip with Mommy means using coupons, reading labels and leaving the store in pristine condition. But when Daddy takes her, watch out! The grocery cart might turn into a race car.

From sunrise to sunset, our giggling MC explains how differently Daddy handles things when he’s left in charge. But she doesn't forget to describe the one sweet thing both Mommy and Daddy do exactly the same – but you’ll have to read the book to find out what that is.

This wonderfully chaotic picture book is sure to be the next hit on your toddler’s list of daily routines. The text is brief, funny and “familiar,” and will have little ones racking their brains to identify and compare their own daily routines to the ones in the book. Artist Abby Carter delivers a gorgeous set of illustrations that are as heartwarming as they are hilarious. She uses bright colors, big smiles and sweetly chaotic scenarios to portray the love, warmth and occasional disorder of family living. There is also an interesting multicultural flare to skin tones and facial features, and I predict that children of all colors and cultures will feel well-represented in this book.

Time for a new lap book? Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Whatever your situation, use it as the perfect excuse to pick up this delightful little family jewel. It gets 5 Stars from me!

Best wishes and happy family time,
Rita Lorraine

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