Oh, sweet memories! What parent hasn't gathered their little bundle of joy in their arms and "flown" the sweet little thing around the room while he or she squealed with delight?

I know I have. But who would have thought to write about the first time your child went airborne and turn that experience into a lasting memory between parent and child?

Kevin Luthardt did. Luthardt is the author and illustrator of Flying, the cutest little picture book for inquisitive 4 to 8 year olds you ever want to read.

In Flying, a little boy reads a book about birds and his imagination soars. He then turns to his father and asks, “Why can’t I fly?” His father explains that he has no wings to fly, and thereafter follows a flurry of “But why?” questions for the father.

Oh, how well I remember the "But why?" questions from my own two chatterbox-sons.

Flying is a wonderful little lap book that is sure to make your parent-child bonding time even sweeter. It even makes the perfect Father's Day gift for those special men in your life.

Peachtree Publishers have done it again, wrapping talent, humor and eye-catching illustrations in this neat little package that you and your child will want to read again and again. Be sure to add this to your child's growing library!

Best wishes and happy, I mean, reading.

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