Girl of Mine



Story Time again! I sat my two year old granddaughter (who helped me with my last review) on my lap to read the lullaby called “Girl of Mine."

As you can see, the book cover is very catchy, the words are bold and bright, and the little brown girl holding the teddy bear proved very familiar and comforting to my granddaughter, who has a little brother about the same pecan color and age.

That being said, this warm story about a mother and father soothing their little girl to sleep was difficult to make my own. While I can relate to the bedtime antics of a father holding his little girl on his lap and a mother rocking her little girl to sleep, the simple story line was very hard to follow. The book was coined a “lullaby,” and maybe if I knew the tune, the story would have been easier to follow. But I didn't know the tune, so that posed a problem. Although very simple, this story did not move at a defined pace and the rhymes were sort of disjointed. Again, if I could have sang the lullaby in my best grandmother voice, the rhymes may have come together perfectly!

The illustrations were very good. Nothing is more enjoyable than seeing a child smiling and laughing at bedtime! I especially appreciated the family unit, the mother and father both participating in getting baby ready for bed.

The book is age-appropriate for little ones, but again, the reader has to add a lot of imagination when reading, to bring the story to life for the young listeners!

So readers, when you are ready to deliver this story to young tots, make sure you are awake enough to add your own imagination to the story, as your young one may have difficulty following along!

I hope this review helps you in your decision about whether to buy this book.

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