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Watching construction workers has never been so much fun, at least not until Job Site was written.

Job Site, by author and graphic artist Nathan Clement, is a brief book with unique insight. It shows curious readers how job sites are transformed from huge fields with big piles of rocks, holes and gravel, into something useful for mankind. In this instance, the site is transformed into something beautiful and completely unexpected. I'll let you read the book and find out what it is.

There are not many authors who can develop the concept of a simple construction plan and the shiny machinery to bring it to fruition into a brilliantly-illustrated picture book. But Clement does it in a masterful way. His illustrations are as big and shiny as the machines themselves. His text, though brief, is action-packed, authentic, and extra easy for the early readers.

The workers in this book are focused and professional, and are sure to catch the eye of your little construction worker at home. Plus, “Boss,” who gives the orders and directs the progress, is African American – an extra bonus for readers in search of quality books written by, for and about multicultural personalities.

Thank you, Mr. Clement. You turned something as mundane as hot, sweaty construction work into a feast for the eyes and a career option for young children still pondering what they will be when they grow up. The Black History Channel salutes you, and we can’t wait to read your next project.

Best wishes and happy excavating,
Rita Lorraine

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