Please, Baby, Please



From the caramel-colored toddler with the slightly mischievous smile on the front cover to the loving mother kissing her baby’s exhausted cheek at the end, Please, Baby, Please is a picture book lover’s absolute delight.

Please Baby Please, by actor and Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Spike Lee, and wife Tonya Lewis Lee, follows the delightfully exhausting antics of one adventurous toddler who obviously needs very little sleep. The little dickens writes on the wall, munches sand from the sand box, refuses to share her toys, and otherwise raises such an adorable ruckus, the only phrase her mother can say throughout the entire book is, “Please, baby, please!”

This book is a real gem. Illustrator Kadir Nelson's chocolaty illustrations are done in sweet, funny, eye-popping detail that keeps the reader flipping through the pages for another look-see long after the story is done. These illustrations boost the short and simple text, resulting in a myriad of typical situations that are sure to keep parents and children in stitches and ready to read the book all over again.

This one is great for bonding at lap time, but don't forget about bedtime! After all, what better way to lull your own adventurous tyke into blessed sleep than to say to him or her, “Please, Baby, Please!”

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