Please, Puppy, Please



What happens when two adorable little girls get a brand new puppy with a nose for adventure and enough stamina to turn their household upside down? Why, a wonderful tail (oops, I mean tale) is born.

Please, Puppy, Please, by Spike Lee & Tonya Lewis Lee, is a special book both inside and out. It’s the story of two sisters who assume responsibility for a rambunctious little puppy that loves to do everything puppies shouldn’t: Rip paper, wallow in mud, dart out into the street, and splatter water all over everything—even the cat, when it gets a bubble bath.

Throughout the book, the two long-suffering sisters chase the little puppy, play with it, bathe it, and even beg and cajole it to behave itself, calling,“Please, puppy, please!” Their antics keep readers laughing and chanting, “Awwww, isn’t that cute,” long after the book is finished. But their patience and fortitude also sets an example for other youngsters just learning to accept the responsibility of pet ownership.

It's all absolutely enchanting.

Kadir Nelson's artistic talent shines with page-after-page of realistic illustrations just bursting with color. He captures bright brown, intelligent eyes, shimmering brown hair, caramel-colored skin tones, cutesy expressions, and even the dark brown, glossy fur of the most irresistible puppy you ever want to beg, "Please, puppy, please!"

This one is definitely worth adding to your child’s personal library, so just do it...please, please, puh-leeese!

Best wishes and happy reading,
Rita Lorraine

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