Pvt. Hubbard Pryor, A Soldier of Courage



Hubbard Pryor was twenty-two years old when he fled Polk County, Georgia and crossed into Chattanooga country to join the Federal soldiers.

Slavery was in full effect, and as a hunted man, Hubbard had not found assistance as he ran toward freedom. He arrived in Chattanooga, Tennessee on April 2, 1864 cold, hungry and exhausted, yet determined to be free.

This first photograph (left) shows him just after arriving in Chattanooga. Note that his legs were swaddled with thick strips of old cloth. This is because he had been attacked by the vicious bloodhounds of his master.


After food, medical care and a few days rest, Hubbard was ready to be a soldier. He enlisted in the 44th USCI (U.S. Colored Infantry) under Colonel Thomas J. Morgan, and there he learned to read, write and be a soldier.

Hubbard's story is complex. He faced starvation, ridicule, imprisonment and cruelty but somehow managed to survive. The Black History Channel will not attempt to tell his entire story here; rather, we will point you to other places online where you can learn more about this courageous man:

The USCT Chronicle: Private Hubbard Pryor

From Slave to Soldier: The Story of Hubbard Pryor

My first Reference Book!
My first Reference Book!

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