12-Year Old Goes to Moorehouse College!



The stories of brilliant and black teens get more and more amazing!

Here is the story of Stephen Stafford, who was accepted into Morehouse College when he was a preteen (around 11 or 12).

This “child prodigy” was able to do 3rd grade math at the age of 2. That’s right…age 2!

Stephen is now 16 years old and is majoring in pre-med, mathematics and computer science. He is also on a list called “The World’s 50 Smartest Teenagers.”

Here’s a video in which young Stephen explains his own genius.

For more about Stephen’s activities, click on these links:



Even though this story ran a few years ago, it’s never too late to celebrate a good thing. And so, we say congratulations, Stephen. We’re proud of you.

Stay brilliant,
Rita Lorraine


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