18-Year Old Passes the Bar in the UK!


Gabrielle Turnquest

When we think of young attorneys, we usually think of someone in their mid- or late twenties who is just preparing to take on the world. Not so this time! In fact according to The University of Law's records, "the average age of a typical lawyer graduating from The University of Law’s Bar Professional Training Course is 27." Until now.

Meet 18-year old Gabrielle Turnquest of Windermere, Florida, a brilliant teen who just made history by becoming the youngest person to ever pass the bar in the UK. But this wasn't her first huge achievement. According to a Huffington Post article dated August 2, 2013 she "was also the youngest to graduate with a degree from Liberty University in Virginia at the age of 16."

Our young genius plans to practice law in the Bahamas, where her parents are from, and pursue a career in fashion law.

Read the Huffington Post article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/02/gabrielle-turnquest-florida-teen-youngest-bar-exam-uk_n_3696998.html

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