Teen Invents "The Sleepover Bed Tent"



Meet Sean Gilmore, 13-year old inventor of the Sleepover Bed Tent. Sean identified a problem that many kids have; they love inviting their friends for sleepovers but often do not have an extra bed for the friend to sleep in.

Sean came up with a clever solution: He invented a fun and convenient bed that can be carried to the sleepover in a bag!

I could write more about Sean and his invention, but I think it would be more fun for readers to visit his website and get to know him for themselves. Here's the link:

SleepoverBedTent.com - http://www.sleepoverbedtent.com/home.html

Here's the link to his purchase page - http://www.sleepoverbedtent.com/buy-now.html

In the meantime, here's a video with Sean actually explaining how he came up with his brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing, Sean. You're an inspiration.

Stay Brilliant!
Rita Lorraine


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