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The story of Blind Tom Wiggins is a complex one.  He was born feeble and blind in 1849, but became a plantation favorite at the age of four when his owners discovered he could play anything he heard someone else playing on the piano -- and all without any lessons!

By the age of five, Tom listened to a thunderstorm and then created a haunting tune he called Rain Storm. His music teachers were fascinated.

By age eight, Tom was hired out to a concert promoter and  was doing four shows a day. In one instance, Tom's performance earned his owner $15,000 and his promoter $50,000. This was around 1857, so this was a lot of money indeed. But since Tom was a slave at the time, neither he nor his mother (who had been tricked into signing him away) were paid a single dollar.

There are many books, articles and even documentaries out there that tell the story of Blind Tom, so The Black History Channel won't attempt such a feat within this limited space. Instead, we offer here a few links to discover more about the subject:

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Georgia Encyclopedia: Blind Tom Wiggins -

Read and enjoy!

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