Charlotta Spears Bass: Ahead of Her Time!



Hello Everyone,
We know that many of our articles about early African American notables often label them as "before their time," but that's because they are--they really are!

Charlotta Spears Bass is no exception. Charlotta was an educator and civil rights activist. She served as the managing editor of The California Eagle newspaper from 1912-1951 after the paper's founder, John James Neimore, died. This of course was during the time when racism and segregation ran rampant in the US, but this climate did not discourage this pioneer woman. In fact, the public loved her so much that Ms. Bass became the first African-American woman nominated for US Vice President!

The Black History Channel will not attempt to portray Ms. Bass' entire life and accomplishments in this single post. Rather, we want to leave you with some interesting links where you can read more about her:

PBS Biography: Charlotta Bass - Charlotta Bass -

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Enjoy...and stay innovative,
Rita Lorraine


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