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Meet Robert Smith, one of only a few US African American billionaires (Oprah Winfrey is one and Michael Jordan reportedly has $1 billion in assets). Mr. Smith is somewhat unique, however, because according to various news articles, "he did NOT make his fortune rapping, via television, or playing sports."

This video is one in which Mr. Smith speaks at the 2015 Color of Wealth Summit. It originally appeared at this link: https://www. /watch?v=tmWuyb71Ibw

Cover courtesy of Forbes Magazine.
Cover courtesy of Forbes Magazine.

Mr. Smith grew up fascinated with Computer Science and electronics, and eventually elbowed his way into Bell Labs (a research and scientific development company and inventor of the transistor radio) when he was only a junior in high school.

He worked at Bell Labs for four years, then eventually moved on. He later founded Vista Equity Partners, a private equity firm with over $15.9 billion in client assets. He still serves as chairman and chief executive of the company, and his personal worth is calculated at $2.5 billion dollars.

There is a world of information on this exceptional African American businessman, his company, and his escalating fortune. Here are a few links:

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Thanks for the inspiration, Mr. Smith, and for showing us that persistence really does pay off.

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