The Lord's Prayer



The Lord's Prayer is a year 2000 picture book that is illustrated by mega-talent Tim Ladwig, and it's just as moving today as it was when it debuted 15 years ago.

The text comes straight from St. Matthew 6:9-13 in the bible, where man is advised, "After this manner therefore pray ye." Which, simply put, is: Man should pray in this fashion. Whether this is actually "the Lord's prayer" or "Man's prayer" will not be argued in this review. Rather, the review is on the construct and beauty of this quite memorable picture book.

In the book, the prayer teaches man how to pray to the Father; how to honor Him first, then how to make sure to forgive others before asking for anything for self.

Set against the backdrop of this scripture is the running storyline of a good man; a working man who teaches his young daughter the value of hard work, honesty, and the love of giving.

The man (whose name is Ted Davis--the same as the man to whom the book is dedicated) owns a painting, repair and lawn care business, and he and his daughter visit an elderly woman living alone whose house is in need of repair. They fix her fence, cut her grass and perform other necessary tasks that she would never be able to do on her own. They stop only to eat a simple noon-day meal they brought with them, and as they do, they share a smile of satisfaction at the service they are providing.

When it is time for the elderly woman to pay, the father and daughter refuse her money. And when the daughter finds a shiny necklace long lost in the tall blades of grass, she happily returns it to the elderly woman, even though it is something she would love to keep for herself.

True to form, Tim Ladwig's illustrations are big, bold and inspirational, and will leave a smile on the reader's face long after the last page has been turned.

This book is perfect for Sunday School classes, Christian School libraries, or a simple evening by the family fire. It's also perfect for exploring family relationships, and for use as a jumping off place for discussions about talents and occupations.

Don't let the publication year distract you; this is definitely a book worth adding to your library.

Best wishes and happy family time,
Rita Lorraine


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