Are you old enough to remember the days? Back when there was no such thing as music videos and radio was king? Yeah, that's the time I'm talking about! When the schools were in a countdown 'til Christmas break and the DJs blasted Christmas music every chance they got.

In my neighborhood, WNOO Radio was the place to be (musically, that is!). We listened to the music until the radio went off at night. And for all you young folks, yes, the radio station actually went off at night!

One of our favorite Christmas songs was called Xmas Blues by a singer called Big Tyme, from his album called "All Star Christmas." It's the misbegotten tale of a "ne'er-do-well" named Otis who has lost his sweet love, BonQuisha, because of all the things he DIDN'T do for her. If you've never heard it before, take a listen now and get ready to laugh.

By the way, I realize that not everyone celebrates Christmas. That's fine, because I'm not including this song as part of any Christmas celebration. I'm including it because I love to laugh...don't you?

Best wishes and happy laughter,
Rita Lorraine

Originally posted by T. Gerald Williams at this url - watch?v=QFiNdKzZ_bQ


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