Yes, I know I already posted a Stevie Wonder song or two on this site, but I just had to post this one. Do you remember you...and me...yesterday?

It truly was a kinder and more innocent time, where you could walk barefoot through the grass and no one judged you. Where you had true friends; you know the kind, the ones who gave you the heads-up when your Mom was waiting on you on the porch with a switch. You couldn't avoid the butt-whipping but at least you knew it was coming... know what I mean?

Those days are gone. Now everything's in the wind, and hardly any of it is good. But for now, for this small moment in time, I'm pulling this song out of the moth balls and remembering again: yester-me, yester-you, yesterday.


Yester Me, Yester You, Yester Day
Artist: Wonder Stevie
Album: Love Songs
Genre: R&B
What happened to the world we knew
When we would dream and scheme
And while the time away
Yester-me yester-you yesterday
Where did it go that yester-glow
When we could feel
The wheel of life turn our way
Yester-me yester-you yesterday
I had a dream, so did you
life was warm and love was true
Two kids who followed all the rules
And now, now it seems
those yester-dreams
Were just a cruel and foolish game we used to play
Yester-me yester-you yesterday
When I recall what we had
I feel lost, I feel sad
With nothing but the memory of
And now, now it seems those yester-dreams
Were just a cruel
And foolish game we had to play
Yester-me yester-you yesterday
Yester-me yester-you yesterday
Sing with me
Yester-me yester-you yesterday
One more time...
This video was originally posted by at this link - https:// /watch?v=2T3m9PWN6B8


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