Dance of a Lifetime!


On Sunday, February 21, 2016 106-year young Virginia McLaurin got to see her life-long dream come true when she visited the White House and met America's first African American president Barack Obama, and wife Michelle Obama.

Says McLaurin, “I thought I would never live to get in the White House. I am so happy...A black president; a black wife; and I’m here to celebrate black history.”

To everyone's delight, Grandma McLaurin showed off her dance moves and gave some advice about living long: “Just keep movin’!”

Apparently, Ms. McLaurin began a campaign to get to meet the Obama's in the White House way back in 2014:

Ms. McLaurin was born in South Carolina in 1909. She moved to Washington, D.C. in 1941 and has lived there ever since. She has lived through 18 presidents.

Thanks for the inspiration--and the dance lessons.

Rita Lorraine

Feature video posted by euronews at this link: https://youtu. be/t_sOPT1HsgE


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