Maya Penn is Amazing!



Some people just inspire you, and young Maya Penn is one of those people. At age 16, she is already an entrepreneur, philanthropist, animator, computer programmer, artist, and CEO of her eco-friendly fashion company, called Maya's Ideas.

Maya has given several Ted Talks (like the one below) on entrepreneurism and encouraging young girls to follow their passion. In case you don't know, TED is a nonprofit that is "devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks of 18 minutes or less." Maya has also been featured on The View, The Steve Harvey Show, Redbook, Ebony, Huffington Post, IBM, CNN, Essense, and many more venues than we can name in this one post.

One journalist who interviewed Maya said that "at 13, Maya had joined the ranks of some of the world’s most prominent thinkers and doers." We couldn't agree with him more. If ever there was an inspiration and a role model for teens and women everywhere, it's Maya Penn.

You can purchase Maya's new book, You Got This, hot off the press. Just click the link at the right. In the meantime, to read more about Maya, click on the following links:

Maya's Blog -

Maya's Ideas for the Planet - article -

American Pink -

There are lots and lots more articles out there, but these should get you started.

Thanks for the inspiration, Maya! Stay brilliant,
Rita Lorraine


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