President Obama: Election 2008 (Remembering Obama)



The last eight years have gone by in a flash, haven't they? It seems like only yesterday that the final tally for the office of President of the United States came in: Barack Obama - 338 electoral votes; John McCain - 159.

Where were you at that historic moment? And where were you the morning after? Remember how people rushed to the newsstands to grab a paper before they all disappeared? And remember the looks on the faces of those unfortunate people who didn’t make it to the stands in time to get a keepsake?

Whether you were fortunate enough to secure your own copy of history at that time or not, you don’t have to miss out on this precious gem. President Obama, Election 2008: A Collection of Newspaper Front Pages, by The Poynter Institute, is one of the most outstanding, meticulously-compiled collections of newspaper front pages you will ever own.

The bold, beautiful, full-color photographs in this book will simply take your breath away. There are 78 post-election day newspaper front pages (arranged alphabetically), beginning with newspapers from 42 American states, and followed by national and international papers. Here is an example of a front page photograph from the Chicago Sun Times.

The pages are thick, glossy and sturdy enough to withstand the heavy-handedness of curious friends and family. The print is dark, and is large enough to give squinting eyes a much-needed rest. The colors are bold and beautiful, and the photographs capture every emotion–love, joy, shock, disbelief and utter relief–registered on every face on that historic night.

As our beloved #POTUS's presidency comes to a close, make up your mind to secure a copy of this keepsake. It’s not just a book; it’s a type of family heirloom that you can teach your family to love, cherish and care for. You can even teach them to pass it down from generation to generation.

Don’t miss out on President Obama, Election 2008: A Collection of Newspaper Front Pages. Just click on the icon to the right.

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