Do you remember Soul Train...the show that's been called "the hippest trip in America?" I remember. I remember rushing inside from whatever I had been doing to watch teens who looked like me laughing, dancing and sporting their 'fro's for the world to see.

I remember the fashion, the funky bell-bottoms, the stars like The Jackson Five, The Spinners and Diana Ross, all singing the latest songs and blowing everyone's mind in the process. I remember that this was a time when there was no Youtube, no music video shows, and nothing else like we have today where you could simply pull up a video on someone you wanted to listen to. Back in that day, you waited patiently for your favorite singers to be on a variety show--and that show was usually Soul Train.

Yep...every Saturday my siblings and I watched Soul Train, tried our luck with the latest dance moves, and listened to MC Don Cornelius wish us "Love, peace...and soul!"

Unfortunately, Don Cornelius took his own life on February 1, 2012, but he will forever be remembered as the man who was "just convinced that people want to see people on TV who are more like themselves." Thank goodness for his belief. He changed the face of television!

For more about the life and legacy of the great Don Cornelius and his unforgettable brainchild, Soul Train, click on the following links:

Washington Post -

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PS - this video was originally uploaded on this url - .com/watch?v=G8sJobVw5vc. Thank you Koko 4u2luv


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