BHC: So that brings us to the question of your background. What exactly is your filmmaking/directing background. In other words, have you had formal schooling? Or is this simply your raw talent shining through?

DC: I’ve always been a writer. In fact, writing is my biggest passion. But on the day that I realized I wasn’t going into college, I knew I needed to learn the business side of the industry. So to answer your question, my only background in filmmaking and directing is the act of “stepping out and not being afraid.”

“I consider myself driven.”

I see the five letters in the word “DRIVE” this way:

D – Desire. Many desire to be successful, but they can’t resist negativity.
R – Resist negativity.
I –  Invest in success. Put yourself around people who can help you get to a higher level.
V – Recognize your value and the value of the people you work with.
E – Efficiency.

BHC: That’s a great way to look at “drive.” So tell us, who did the casting for “Iniquity?”

DC: I did maybe 60% to 70% of the casting. My friend and partner Charles Patterson brought in actors from some of the plays he has done in the past, so that made up the other 30%.

BHC: How did you decide who would play what role? We ask because there are probably some fledgling writers/directors out there who would love any tips they can get on the process.

DC: Well, I did some small things with a few of the actors. Or I went to see them perform in their current plays. I also looked at their past work and experiences. I used this combination of screening to help me decide where each actor would fit best.


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