BHC: That all sounds great, but what about your locations? Nothing authenticates a film better than great locations. How did you choose your locations, and how did you clear them once you decided where they would be?

“As a filmmaker, you must have good relationships with people.”

DeVon Cooper with cast members. Left to right: Antonio Sanderfer (Rev. Joe); Ardetra Davis ( Italy Rice); DeVon Cooper; Lakeysha Nolan (Dora, Eric’s wife).

DC: First of all, you MUST have good relationships with people. Networking means nothing if the people you network with don’t trust you. I discussed what was needed and then had friends and colleagues on the lookout for different locations. I also carefully built relationships with people. For example, in exchange for allowing me to use property or locations, I advertised that property and gave the owners great exposure.

BHC: Tell us, what type of team did it take to produce “Iniquity?”

DC: Well, of course it took a good idea and something that people could really relate to. Once people truly understand what you’re doing and what you’re trying to say, they’ll come on board. In all, it took me as the writer, six or seven camera people, two or three audio people, a 25-member cast, and two directors (Charles and myself).

BHC: Okay, now tell us about filming and editing. How long did each take?

DC: It took around two months to film and another month to edit. Speaking of editing, I didn’t do my own editing – although I could have if I had wanted to. Instead, I trusted my editor to be creative AFTER hearing my suggestions. He did a great enough job for us to put something out there that people could enjoy. The process was frustrating sometimes because the actors were anxious and waiting on the final product, but in the end, I think everyone was happy.

BHC: Now that your series is out there, how do you feel about it. How do you see it as a finished product? Is it everything you wanted it to be?

DC: Well, I am very satisfied with Season 1 of iniquity because it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. It’s making people think. I’m satisfied that I brought together a good cast and crew. I produced something original, and I’m happy with that. In fact, I love originals. Take James Brown’s music, for example. It’s easy for someone to “sample” it or take something from it and add onto it, but the real question is this: can you create something of your own?

BHC: Interesting thought. Which brings us to the question, what do you want to ultimately happen with your series? Where do you see it in the future?

DC: I want the right deal. I want someone out there to recognize my writing and offer me a writing gig. Or they could invest in what I’m doing. In short, I want to do whatever makes sense for me moving forward as a business person.

BHC: So what’s next on your to-do list?

DC: My to-do list includes just wanting to make the right business move. I’m currently writing a movie about a cancer patient, and I want to be sure to make the right moves to get it produced and out there.


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