Meet Jacqueline Fountain, Inventor of Uro-Grip Technology!



BHC: Now that we know a little about your product’s background, let’s switch gears and talk about you as an inventor. When some people see a successful invention like yours, they somehow believe that the inventor is an “overnight success” and has it made on Easy Street. But anyone who has ever invented anything knows that it took more than one night or a few weeks to create something. How long was the idea for Uro-Grip Technology in your head before you put it down on paper?

Jacqueline Fountain, Inventor, hard at work.

JF: Like everyone else, I have given plenty of urine samples before, and each time I did, I thought about inventing something like this. But that particular SLOPPY day that I had to wobble to the sink grossed me out. That’s when I decided to do something about it.

BHC: So what exactly is your invention background? Not that you have to have a formal invention background, but we’re just curious. For example, do you have skills in writing patents or in patent drawings? Do you have skills in designing products?

JF: No, I have no background in drawing whatsoever. I just saw a need out there and I wanted to fulfill that need. I started from there.

BHC: That makes sense. We all know that “necessity is the mother of invention.” So after you drew up your product, how did you find the company that completed your prototype?

JF: We found our company through a referral from a man who had used the same company for his own invention.

BHC: It’s always a good idea to ask those who have used companies and had great results. However, if any of our readers out there don’t have a friend that can refer you to a company, we suggest you join (formerly The Thomas Register). It’s free and provides a detailed list of companies, catalogs, buyers and product developers.


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