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Brilliant and Black

The Amazing Hazel Scott

Hazel Scott: First African American woman to host her own television show. Spoke 7 languages. Auditioned for Julliard at age 8. Talent extraordinaire!

Trade-Published Books (Recommended)

How to Draw a Graphic Novel

Everything you need to know to become an amazing graphic novelist!

Wanda the Brave

Love is Loud

Standing in the Need of Prayer

Behind The Black Pen

Behind the Black Pen #4: The Mega-Talented Marlon McKenny!

All about author-illustrator-publisher Marlon McKenny and the creative journey that led to Conscious Culture Publishing.

Behind the Black Pen #3: The Amazing David F. Walker

The amazing David F. Walker talks graphic novels.



The backstory behind blacksmith William "Bill" Lewis, the book Hammering for Freedom, and William's encounter with Andrew's Raiders.


Part 2 of the story behind blacksmith William Lewis and the book HAMMERING FOR FREEDOM.

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by Chrissi Jackson

by Rita Lorraine Hubbard

*2022 Texas Bluebonnet Award Winner!
*2022 East TN Community History Winner
*2022 Amazon Editor's Pick - Nonfiction
*2021 SCBWI Crystal Kite Award Winner!
*Click above for your copy, and thanks for your support!

by Rita Lorraine Hubbard

Do you know the story of William Lewis, the enslaved blacksmith who loved his family so much that he spent over 25 years purchasing his family's freedom?


Freddie Figgers: Four Patents and Going Strong!

Meet 26-year-old Freddie Figgers, who became "one of the youngest African-Americans to own and operate an independent, U.S.-based telecommunications company." This company is called...

Henry Baker...The Man Who Wrote it Down

Almost everything we know about early African American inventors comes from the dedicated endeavers of Mr. Henry E. Baker, a virtual unknown among African...

Maya Penn is Amazing!


Samuel E. Davis: The Man Who Could Do Anything

INVENTION: "THE DOUBLE GUITAR" Samule E. Davis was born in Crawford County, New Jersey during the years when slavery still existed. It is unknown whether...

Ira's Shakespeare Dream

Anyone who has ever dreamed big will love author Glenda Armand’s newest picture book about a boy who “dreamed too big for a colored...

Trombone Shorty

Muhammad Ali

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Roll Of Thunder Publishing Contest

Hello Writers-of-Color, Penguin Random House LLC is searching for you! That's right, Penguin Random House is launching a debut children’s fiction contest "to find talented,...

Grants are Everywhere

Are you drooling for a grant? Who isn't, especially in today's economy. But to get one, you'll have to do more than daydream. You'll...

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