About Us


History and Mission:

TheBlackHistoryChannel.com began with a limited series of historical calendars -- called Shades of Greatness (tm) -- that made their way across sixteen states and were celebrated by schools, churches, multicultural chambers of commerce, and individual lovers of history.

This poster was created for Shades of Greatness (tm) Calendars by Thomas D. Hubbard, Media Specialist and Information Technologist. He also happens to be my son! Copyright 2007, Rita Lorraine Hubbard and Thomas D. Hubbard. All rights reserved.

After many years of research on early African Americans, our website is finally here. Our primary purpose is to gather historical data, rare photographs, news, information, entertainment and literature and place it all under one "roof" for easy access and research. We do not represent ourselves as experts in any way. Simply, it is our dream to one day become the go-to search engine for accessing rare African American information.

Here is a video I have created to showcase my love and passion for African American history. I call this "The Family Scrapbook." It is presented under the premise that we are all family, and we all celebrate and spotlight EVERYONE'S achievement. Enjoy.