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Quick Answers to Most Frequent Questions

  1. Do you provide Book Reviews? NO, we display your cover and other vital information about your book, including a way for our viewers to find your site and order a book from you.
  2. Can you make an exception and review my book? NO, sorry.
  3. Can I pay you to provide a book review? Thanks for the offer, but NO. It's never a good idea to pay someone for a book review.
  4. Are you a publisher? NO. We publish covers only. We have plans to publish much more in the future, but...that's in the future.
  5. Can you review my product? YES...depending upon what it is. However, we typically will display your product along with an image you provide and your 250-word description of the product.
  6. Can I submit my name for an interview? NOT AT THIS TIME...we hand-pick interviewees based upon the work we see out there in the community. At this time there is no way to nominate yourself or anyone else to be interviewed.
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