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About The Black History Channel

What is The Black History Channel?

The Black History Channel is a website that has been developed for the sole purpose of pulling together articles, biographies, pictures, videos, documentaries, books and tidbits of information and housing them all under one "roof."

Um...isn't there another Black History Channel out there somewhere?

Yes, there are a couple that we know of. There's BlackHistoryChannel.net and BlackHistoryChannel.org. There is also a BlackHistoryChannel on YouTube. Every one of these are fine channels in their own right. However, the topics and products on our channel do not conflict with or have anything to do with these channels. We are not affiliated with them in any way...other than the fact that we all love black history!

Advertising on The Black History Channel

Why Should I Advertise With You?

Did you know that there are over 550,000 global inquiries per month for the phrase "Black History," and over 450,000 local (national) searches per month? That's why you should advertise with us!

To learn how to advertise, scroll to the top navigation bar and click "Advertise," or CLICK HERE.

Submitting Your Artwork

What type of Artwork are You Looking For?

We at The Black History Channel absolutely love black art. In fact, we come from a long line of artists, and there are three Media Arts and Graphic Illustrators in our family. To that end, we want to see your art, however, make sure it is G-rated. No nudity, blood, violence, or...well, maybe you should CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page to read the details about what we're looking for.

What if someone steals my artwork?

They very well might. People love art, but people really seem to crave "black art." For this reason, we suggest that you sign and date your artwork, and that you also attach a watermark to it. This way, no one will be able to claim your original image as their own. Open the next FAQ to learn about watermarks.

What is a Watermark?

A watermark is a recognizable name, image or pattern that is embedded onto a drawing or piece of paper.  It is typically used to identify ownership of a work of art and to discourage its unauthorized use.

Writing for Us

Do I Need to Be Published?

Nope, not at all. But you do need to know how to construct a proper sentence, and how to spell and use grammar correctly. These skills will cut our editing time in half, and will save us from getting a headache of the "eye-squinting" variety, if you know what we mean.

To learn how to submit an article, scroll up to the top navigation bar and click on WRITE FOR US.

How Long Should My Article Be?

We don't want to work you too hard. We would love it if your article is somewhere between 250 and 500 words. We'll accept articles up to 750 words, but anything longer than that will make our eyebrows arch, because most readers don't have the attention span for long articles.  To learn how to submit an article, scroll up to the top navigation bar and click on WRITE FOR US.


Which Inventors are You Looking For?

All of them...as long as they're early inventors. Again, by "early," we mean any inventor you stumble upon from the 16- or 1700s thru the 1950's or 1960's. You would be surprised at just how many modern-day conveniences early black inventors are responsible for.

What if I Have New Information on an Inventor You've Already Covered

That's great! Just submit it on our FAQ Question Form, and if we can use it, we'll add it on, with a credit to you!

Books and Coaching

Can You Coach My Writing?

Sure, I can be your coach/consultant.  My definition of coaching is that YOU've written a book and you need to know what to do next. I coach you by telling you how to write a book proposal, what groups to join to move closer to actually becoming published, and how to get your work in front of a publisher. If this is what you mean, the answer is a big YES.

Use the following Writing Service Request as a guide for the information I need. Then drop the completed form in an email to  ShareBlackHistory@gmail.com.

Let's do this!


I Need a Ghost Writer. Are You Available?

Yes. The first thing we would need to do is chat via Skype or Google Hangouts to discuss your project, your timeline and your budget.  Use the following Writing Service Request as a guide for the information I need. Then drop the completed form in an email.  Let's do this!

Email completed form to:  ShareBlackHistory@gmail.com.


I Need an Editor. Can You Help?

Gladly! I've edited all sorts of books, articles, manuals and ebooks. Use the following Writing Service Request as a guide for the information I need. Then drop the completed form in an email.  Let's do this!

Email completed form to:  ShareBlackHistory@gmail.com.

Brilliant & Black

What is B & B?

B & B means "Brilliant and Black." The truth is, many would have us believe that all "black" news is bad news, but this just isn't true. There are thousands of amazing stories about brilliant blacks -- children and adults -- whose life stories remain largely undiscovered. Well, not anymore! The Black History Channel is telling their stories, and we encourage you to share what you know too.


What Kind of Music Do You Have?

All kinds! Jazz, R&B, Blues, Gospel...you name it, you can find it here. AND IF YOU CAN'T FIND IT HERE, SUGGEST IT!

Why Are You Including Music on a History Channel?

Because humans are hard-wired for music, that's why. By including our vintage music here, you'll get to experience what others in society felt when these songs first debuted. You'll be inspired or saddened; you'll feel hope or despair. But the most important thing is, you'll hear what came about in the years before your time.


How do I Submit a Book?

We're always looking for great books written by, for and about African Americans. To submit a book review, send an EMAIL QUERY first, and we'll tell you how to format your review - ShareBlackHistory@gmail.com.

Can I Submit a Book Without Reviewing It?

Sure you can! Just send us an EMAIL QUERY and we'll tell you what information we need.

What kinds of books can I submit?

Any book written by, for or about African Americans...as long as they're G-rated. At times we'll even accept an MA rating because we understand that some books go beyond peaches and cream. We love picture books, books with no pictures, science books, history books, biographies, and books about Civil Rights or slavery. You can even submit romances and who-dunnit's. What you cannot submit is erotica, porn, books that promote racism, hatred or violence. The founder reserves the right to reject any and all books that do not seem to be a fit for The Black History Channel.

Can You Review My Self-Published Book?

In a word...no. We just don't have the time. We get several hundred requests for reviews from trade publishers per year, and our TBR (To-Be-Read) stack is always at least 50 deep. However, all is not lost. COMING SOON: a feature for self-published authors to advertise their books right here on the site for a small fee.

Can I Suggest My Own Book?

Sure you can suggest your own book! After all, you should be your own greatest cheerleader. Just scroll up to the Top Navigation Bar and find "Register Your Book" to get started.

Publish Your Cover

How Do I Publish My Cover?

First you register your book. You do that by scrolling up to the Top Navigation Bar and clicking on REGISTER YOUR BOOK.

After you read our criteria, be sure to send us an email (the link is on the page) and we'll send you what you need to get started.

Videos and Movie Clips

Early Videos

Why do we emphasize "early" videos?  If you're a history-lover, you know why. There's nothing like experiencing the past via an early film clip. It offers an up-close-and-personal view of what life, fashion, mind-set and speech were like in the good-old days, and it also demonstrates how very far we've come. If you know of an early clip that would be a great addition to our collection, please drop us a line!

Movie Clips

You may be wondering about the difference between a "Movie" and a "Movie Clip."  A Movie Clip is a snippet taken from a movie.  Though we may not have felt the entire movie was relevant enough to add to this site, the snippet may have been just the right slice of history for The Black History Channel. All clips will have relevant data (when it can be gathered), including date, talent's name, and the movie from which it was harvested. Enjoy!

Movies and Movie Trailers

Editor's Pick!

smiley_faceAlthough there are hundreds, maybe thousands of great "black" movies out there, the Editor reserves the right to promote her pick. These movie trailers span a great number of years, and are offered in no particular order. Also, the absence of a movie trailer that you might think is great does not mean the Editor is insinuating that it is not.  It simply means that movie just wasn't on the Editor's list as a favorite.  That's all.  Moving on.

What Types of Movies Have You added?

Oh, all types! Drama, comedy, docu-drama.  Movies to make you laugh and cry and ponder the meaning of life. However, the jury is still out on movies with negative messages. We strive to share our glorious past, our triumphant present and our amazing future  "selves" with the world. In that light, we haven't quite decided whether to include movies with negative contents, such as drugs, prostitution or murder. Stay tuned!

Can I Suggest a Movie?

Sure! You may know of an absolutely wonderful movie that we haven't heard about, or that we just forgot to add. To suggest a movie, drop us a line at: ShareBlackHistory@gmail.com, and write "SUGGEST A MOVIE" on the subject line.

Where Can I Buy These Movies?

So...our trailers have you itching to watch the movies, huh? Great! Most of these movies can be found on Amazon. com or Ebay.com. However, we will soon include an Order Page where you can simply click a link and be taken directly to each movie's order page. Stay tuned!

Why are Some Movies in Full and Some in Trailers?

Great question. Some movies were available in full via YouTube, so we happily shared the link for your enjoyment. However, some movies were only available in truncated parts, or as trailers. So even though a trailer can be annoying because it whets your appetite but doesn't quite deliver, we still wanted to give you a taste of what the full movie holds. And there you have it.

Early Physicians

What's the Cut-off for Writing About Black Doctors?

Well...we're interested in early, early physicians. We want to know about any physicians you've found from the 16- or 1700's thru the 1950s. Why? Because information about physicians who practiced in the 1960's and upward is fairly easy to obtain. It's those early physicians, the ones who practiced during a time when African American activities were largely ignored and undocumented, that we want to discover. Get it? Good!

What about "yarb" doctors?

Early physicians -- including African American physicians - were once called "yarb" doctors. This is because they practiced medicine with herbs. Though they had no license to practice, and many times, no formal training, these are still considered physicians, and we welcome any true accounts you may have.

Early Female Physicians

Why do Female Physicians Have their Own Section?

Well...women have always been in a class of their own, but that's not why we've separated them from male physicians. We did this because African American female physicians were a much rarer breed than their male counterparts. Women as a whole were already considered second-class, and were expected to stay home, mind the children and mind their business. Therefore, African American female physicians in the early years would have been an anomaly. They would have had to fight both white prejudice and gender prejudice from the males of their race. They deserve their own class...don't you think?


Don't see an answer to your question? Well, just ask away here and we'll get back with you!


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