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Deadly Procurement


Deadly Procurement is a suspense-thriller about corruption in the world of bids, and contracts. Unfortunately, contracts are not always awarded to the lowest bidder. Deadly Procurement reveals many actual problems, dangers, and solutions associated with rigged bids, payoffs, and unscrupulous elected and corporate officials.

From an environment of mystery, murder, and romance, Deadly Procurement takes you inside this world from a safe distance. After you’ve finished the book, you’re on your own!

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Howard Livingston: another ordinary guy with an extraordinary life. After becoming a Christian in 1972, Howard experienced many life altering events. In 1992 Howard began writing his first manuscript about one of these events. After holding the completed manuscript until 2003, Howard submitted the manuscript to AuthorHouse Publishers and the text became the novel, "DEADLY PROCUREMENT."

ORDER PAGE: https://www.authorhouse.com/en/search?query=deadly+procurement

Want to drop Mr. Livingston a line? Email him here: howardthomaslivingston@gmail.com


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