Maya Penn is Amazing!

Some people just inspire you, and young Maya Penn is one of those people. At age 16, she is already an entrepreneur, philanthropist, animator,...

Charlotta Spears Bass: Ahead of Her Time!

Hello Everyone, We know that many of our articles about early African American notables often label them as "before their time," but that's because they...

The Slave Who Re-Invented Himself

He reinvented himself before reinventing oneself became a "thing."

Henry Baker...The Man Who Wrote it Down

Almost everything we know about early African American inventors comes from the dedicated endeavers of Mr. Henry E. Baker, a virtual unknown among African...

Randolph M. Miller, Ex-Slave and Writer

Randolph Miller was born a slave in 1842 Virginia. He belonged to Dr. Robert W. Curran. When General William T. Sherman's army marched through Georgia,...
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