Teen Invents "The Sleepover Bed Tent"

Meet Sean Gilmore, 13-year old inventor of the Sleepover Bed Tent. Sean identified a problem that many kids have; they love inviting their friends for sleepovers but often do not have an extra bed...

Frederick McKinley Jones: An Officer and An Inventor

Frederick McKinley Jones has often been called "the man with a million ideas." He had so many that we will be featuring him often on this site. Here are two more important inventions that...

Freddie Figgers: Four Patents and Going Strong!

Meet 26-year-old Freddie Figgers, who became "one of the youngest African-Americans to own and operate an independent, U.S.-based telecommunications company." This company is called Figgers Communications. Freddie was apparently a prodigy from a young...

Joseph Lee...Baking up a Storm!

INVENTIONS: "The Automatic Bread Crumber" "The Bread-Making Machine" Joseph Lee was born in 1849, and lived most of his life in Boston, Massachusetts. His world was the food industry, and his glorious career in food service began...

Joseph Dickinson...Playing a Tune

A brief history of inventor Joseph H. Dickinson.
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