Benjamin F. Thornton

INVENTION: AUTOMATIC TELEPHONE MESSAGE RECORDERIf you have ever wondered who invented the telephone answering machine, wonder no more! Benjamin F. Thornton was the man! Benjamin lived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the 1930’s, and he wanted people...

Thomas Elkins...Keeping it Cold!

Invention: Refrigerating Apparatus Patent No: 221,222 Date: November 4, 1879 Meet Thomas Elkins, Inventor Extraordinaire! In Thomas' day, food was kept cool by packing blocks of ice in an ice box and hoping for the best....

Charles B. Brooks...Cleaning it Up!

Street Sweeper Patent #556,711 Patented March 17, 1895 Charles B. Brooks lived during a time when our streets were in horrific condition. They were typically cleaned by lone walkers who marched to and fro, picking up debris...

Joseph Dickinson...Playing a Tune

A brief history of inventor Joseph H. Dickinson.

Joseph Lee...Baking up a Storm!

INVENTIONS: "The Automatic Bread Crumber" "The Bread-Making Machine" Joseph Lee was born in 1849, and lived most of his life in Boston, Massachusetts. His world was the food industry, and his glorious career in food service began...
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