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Founding Father: A Novel

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In 1801 Richmond, Virginia, upon the death of the wife of one of our young nation’s founding fathers, George Wythe (he, a signer of the Declaration, a Delegate to the Constitutional Convention, and Jefferson’s mentor), a ravishing 23 year old slave girl, Lydia, becomes the only female in Wythe’s 5th and Grace mansion to do her master’s bidding.

George wrestles with his desire to remain faithful to the memory of his deceased wife, to maintain his obedience to the code of the Old South and to refrain from exploitation of the young Lydia versus his carnal attraction to the girl.

Lydia struggles with her perceived subservient role versus her desire for the wealthy master to liberate her 2, young, estranged sons from bondage.


KenMetzAbout the Author...

Ken Metz

Born James Kenneth Metz in 1940, B.S. degree biology, M.S. degree geology. 75 year old retired high school teacher. 1st novel (self-published), which I liken to "Sally Hemmings: A Novel." I struggled to title the book, settling on FOUNDING FATHER, designed to attract history buffs, but it could have been titled 5TH AND GRACE (where, in Richmond, the drama, romance, violence, comedy, & crime occur), BROWN SUGAR (because of Lydia), or GEORGE AND LYDIA (because of George and Lydia!).

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